I work with women to help them feel EMPOWERED + STRONG in their bodies

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As you will receive a bespoke service with support and guidance from me, prices are different from person to person.
You can expect a completely personalised experience. I want to create relationships with all my clients so I can help you every step of the way towards achieving your goals. It won’t be numbers driven only – when you join my team, we will make sure to change your lifestyle profoundly. Your eating and training plans will be sustainable, consistent and most importantly enjoyable. A personalised check-in process will ensure that you are moving towards your goals and through the direct chat, I can support you on every step of your journey.
I will update your meal plan regularly and based on your needs, but it is updated at least once a month.
This completely depends on you, your goals and current position. If you start anywhere between 3-6 months, we can ensure the very best progress while building long-term sustainability. The minimum commitment period is 3 months, but your journey can last as long as you would like it to.
You can track all progress and measurements through my app on your phone. This includes photos, to weekly weigh-ins, sleep, menstrual cycle, diet, motivation or water intake. That way I can monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your goals or plans.

I help you reach your desired weight goal before you go into surgery when you chose my weight loss surgery prep plan. Losing weight before you go into surgery will lower the risk of complications and make you feel stronger post-op!

Feel strong pre and post-surgery with your very own, tailor-made meal and workout plan, establishing a new set of healthy habits. 

I will support you through our check-ins, giving you ease of mind, so you are mentally prepared for your weight loss surgery. 

What are the next steps

Step 1

Fill out the form

Filling out the form above is the first step to your new journey. It'll consist of a few questions to make sure we cater the right information for you.

Step 2

Phone Call

My team will call you within 24-48 hours to identify your needs and make sure we pick the right program for you. Together we also agree on a payment plan.

Step 3


The coaching has now started and we're working together to form your new healthy and sustainable habits. We'll be in dialogue all the way to make sure we track your progression and also make adjustments as we go along.

Step 4


You've now achieved your new and healthy lifestyle and have formed lifelong habits to sustain this